About Us - TOP SAD

TOP-SAD company was established in 2011. The headquarter is located in central Poland, in place called "The biggest orchard of Europe". We are producers of high quality fruit. Our offer includes different varieties of apples: Champion, Idared, Gloster, Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Ligol, Lobo, Cortland.

TOP-SAD is a distributor of high-quality fruit throughout Poland, Europian Union and CIS markets.

Our company has a big back area for storing fruit with the ULO controlled atmosphere, also we have got own productive sorting machine.

TOP-SAD is a newly created but evolving company. We are able to carry extensive orders in a short time.

We are open to cooperation.

Koziel 9A, 05-622 Belsk Duży, Polska
tel. +48 793 909 797
tel. +48 793 900 797
tel. +48 609 852 442